the jeruz boys arrived at 10. they spent the night on anat's livingrom floor in sleeping bags.

the entire house was filled with boxes: speakers,

monitors, cables, mics, folding chairs and tables, ropes, food supply, and all the gear

we needed to make this day work.

in 4 hours everything will be spread on our first set 

behind the scenes



the alarm clock didn't start.

we thought we were scrued. 

loading all the gear on 3 cabs in a record time,

we managed to get to the northern deck

 only 10 minutes late. before our first coffee cup,

we started to arrange the set for the

shooting of the first video,

scheduled to 5:30

singing the parts

singing the parts

we all came from the same music school. our best teacher ,ilan salem , taught us to sing the part before playing it. it makes your expression clear and your beat sharp. so here you see us do exactly that

a poem for the mornings

a poem for the mornings

coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. coffee, coffee, everyone shut up. coffee.

v for victory

v for victory

this is our victory picture after completing shooting for the first clipafter last take we to. but we had no time to celebrate

waking up



 recording first session, "port said".

we chose this song to start with, cause of it's

'morning prayer' vibes. we shot 5 takes, it took us some time to wake up and rise with the music. 

while playing, we were watching the

port starting to wake up. jogs running,shops 

opening, fishermen coming back with their lute. 

getting in&out of the shots,

exectly like we imagined



all of us worked fast on clearing the set and moving 150m south, to the shipyard. the sun started to

come out, pants and shirts started to pill off.

first we spread shadow nets over the band's and the soundmen location. then, daniel and amir started wiring the new stage 

da man

da man

this is daniel shemer, the mega pro that did the impossible. shemer was the sound engineer of the project, setting up and folding 4 recording sets , calm and professional, he miced us up, set up the the monitoring and made a field recording sound like a studio recording (in a good way). staying cool at the hot july sun and with all the pressure, shemer is definitly one of the hero of this day.

moshe barashi is the one responsible for most of the beautiful shots you see. he was the only one shooting in all 4 clips

da manager

da manager

meet roie hasson - mix master, fellow musician and on this day - our production manager. roie walked around with a green folder making sure the soundman won't start setting up the stage before getting approval from the head of photography; that we will always have food and drink; timing the band to stage and in general making sure all goes according to plan

don't touch me its july

don't touch me its july

at 7:30 it was fairly hot, at 8:30 we were sweating like hell. shemer and amir gelman , the sound assistant, are getting signals under a hit attack

anat's real call is the drum set. here she's messing around with the sticks, on rare few minutes break we had

pimping up

pimping up

on each set there was a dressing area, where sharon styled us and helped us pimp ourselve up

meet the crew


at the hottest hours it was impossible to shoot,

so we planned a break. we had an hour in bed ,and then back to the port.​ not all of us, though.


chen volunteer to stay and guard the equipment while all of us went back to anat's to take a shower, chill in the ac and regain strength for

the next half of the day.

 - man are you sure? - yah no problem, i need to practice my new flute anyway




second session is up, "jaffa".

 it was hot as hell, but the sound was great.

in this session daniel gave us higher monitor levels, so we heard each other better and the music started to happen. elik took a solo, and made all the hassel around disappear


a guest at the set

a guest at the set

ronen is talya's bff. he came by the set at noon ,mainly to support the team, but on the way took some epic shots


ground sailing


anat and talya spent many nights figuring out the shooting vision for each clip (the fact they are married made it easier). they decided to shoot 'beirut' in a swirling way, using monopod to smoothen the camera movment. 

"we wanted it to feel like sailing"

what happened on set realy gave this vision a boost: 

one of the workers was making impossible sawing noises.

we couldn't shoot. he was willing to stop only when we offered him some mulla. and then, surprisingly, he generously offered us to shoot the clip inside his blue boat.

so the band spread out on levels, in and out of the boat, 

allowing moshe to take some fucking amazing shots running through the ships, behind and around us



what inspired us when planning this clip was a dagnahash video. we loved the shot of a girl in a ruuning bus, looking from the window and seeing the band playing.

in this video, on top of our land crew, 

we sent tal's camera for a cruze with the local sea scouts, got a drown camera, and put ourselves as close to the water as we could


on sea level


this entire day, we were playing 

mainly to ourselves.

there are not many people out on the docs at 5:00am. also, people are not allowed in the yardship, where we shot clip 2# and 3#.


'istanbul' main location (at the southern docks) and the time of day, before sunset, saw to that 

that for the first time today,

we actually had a crowed



the unbelieveable happened. 

3 month of planning came to an end,

and our day at the port was done.

after the last take, we took down our

instruments and jumped into the oily water,

exhausted and so happy.

still wet and a little greezye, we went to get the cars and drove upto the water line, to pack the set . we still had to make a stop on the way home,

to return audio gear to the awsome BPM

school (they lent us the entire gear, no charge!)


we're home.

at anat's, unwinding with a drink and a smoke,

we watched some shots, trying to digest

that lifetime of a day it was. 

we couldn't realy end it.

and now we don't have to

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