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so what's with the ports?

in our mind a port is a welcoming place.
it's a place of merchants, where people speak different languages,
smell and taste new foods, hear local music. it's a good place for our
journey to start
living in the middle east in this day and age
there are many nearby ports we want to reach, but can't.
with sabir we want to break those imaginary borders,
to strip ourself of nationality, and return to the city, to the port.
we call you, musicians of beirut, port said, gaza, istanbul, aqaba,
tripoly and many more port cities:
let's play together
sabir's collaborations project
we met cabbar during our tour to istanbul on august.
he was a member of a local band we hooked up with.
cabbar is a funny, cool guy and amazing darbuka player.
after a couple of jams together, we asked if we could shoot
him taking a solo on 'jaffa'. during our port sessions, we also recorded a drum&bass part to each song. so while listening
to this minus one on the headphone, he soloed out
on our last day in istanbul we met arash in taksim square.
origanlly from teheran, arash came to study in istanbul, where  life is more tollerable. arash plays an harmonica in a unique way, kind of like jazz but not, he's got his own sound 
sabir's collaborations project
we wanna meet you, hear your sound,
learn your tunes and teach you ours.
we can start here, now.
we have recorded and shot 3 songs you can
play and improvise upon:
record yourself, upload to youtube
and send us a link of your take on our tunes.
we would also be very glad to get links of your tunes,
and we'll try to give our own take on them
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sabir's collaborations project

Chen Amar

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Amir Pinhasi

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